Ipê – Crystal Rose

Havaianas Ipê – Crystal Rose


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A lively model of Brazil's original and authentic flip-flops. The sole shows off nature in its purest form with one of the Amazonian rainforest's most typical species. The straps are of a transparent pink.

7% of all sales go towards the conservation of Brazilian fauna and flora

  • Made in Brazil
  • Rubber sole
  • Comfortable, durable, lightweight, heat-resistant, non-slip and water-resistant
  • Greek key pattern on strap, rice grain pattern on top of sole; "brick" pattern on bottom
  • UK Sizes Brazil Sizes & Measurements
    UK 1/2 Brazil 33/34 - 22.5cm
    UK 3/4 Brazil 35/36 - 23.5cm
    UK 5 Brazil 37/38 - 25cm
    UK 6/7 Brazil 39/40 - 26.5cm
    UK 8 Brazil 41 -27.5cm
    All measurements are approximate

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